About Us

Why WordPress?
What started as a blogging platform has grown into a full content management system (CMS) for both blogs and websites. In fact, every Fortune 500 company uses WordPress to build and maintain at least one of their sites.

With a self-hosted WordPress site, you have the ability to easily make changes and update your content without the need to pay your developer, or a webmaster, every time you have something new to share with your market.

WordPress puts the control of your site and its content into your hands. In fact, if you can update a status, comment on a post or upload a picture to Facebook you already have all the skills needed to maintain a fresh, engaging website.

Let us build the site for you, and then you’re ready to go!

Why the iThemes Framework?
All WordPress sites use themes to control their layout, look, and functionality.

The iThemes Framework is a powerful set of themes with excellent functionality, search engine optimization, and security.

Child Themes (which are used within the iThemes Framework) provide additional features and style.

IBuildWebsites.Guru is an iThemes Preferred Member, and we use the iThemes Framework for all our projects.